Chaos and greed 2009.

Thanks to all people that have supported us over the years. Our biggest fan Tomas "Taz 666" Dahl, andreas at Toontrack, Kristofer Wallmark for the photographing.

a huge thanks to Ola Halén (Insania) and Tommy Johansson (Reinxeed) for doing backing vocals on Chaos and Greed. (Photos will come up soon)


Credits from Evil days 2007.



Gerhard Stenlund
Mikael Rickfors, Johannes Nordström, Breather, Three minute madness.
When Marcus got to know him he played in a band called Brand new bag.
Marcus sometimes substituted for their original Guitar virtuose Jonas Lindberg.
Gerhard never says no to a round of golf.

Per Mikaelsson
Works as musician with Umea symphoni orchestra
and often joins Carolina Miskovsky and Johannes Nordström on their gigs as well as albums.
Per and Marcus have been playing together a couple of times earlier
and now, as they are almost related (through their girlfriends who are sisters)
we didnt have to ask him twice.

Anders Jansson
Anders, Magnus and Marcus have been playing togehter for twentythree years.
They toured with Freak Out for several years.


Magnus Öberg
Incredible bassplayer grew up as a  neighbour to Marcus they started to play guitar the same year `84 but when Ramm needed someone on the bass Magnus switched.
Later on formed Freak Out with Marcus and Anders.
Played with all kind of different people Brolle Jr, Carolina Miskovsky, Roger Pontare, Fredrik Fagerlund, Freak Out, Boogart, Watson, Third Stone, Micke Hujanen, Burn.
Now studing to be a dentist - What a waste of talent!!


Rikard Öberg
Brother to Magnus Öberg friend to Marcus since they where kids.
Started playing piano at the age of 9 not many years later he started writing his own music and proved to have great talent.
Was the driving force in Ramm.
Works a as a church musician and I asure you, you have never heard the full potential of a church organ until you`ve heard this guy.


Leif Grabbe
Long time friend who loves to sing.Joined Ramm in 1990
Originally sang on the songs Rickard composed.
Now has some hardrocktrubadur gigs with some old friends.

Tina Burstedt
Another waste of talent.Beautiful voice.
She had leading parts in several musicals in the nineties.
Now sometimes sings with Freak out and as troubadur with Marcus.

Anders Zackrisson

Was lead singer in a band called Gotham City in the early eighties.
Later on he joined Nocturnal rites.
Now he runs his own company Eurosound.
Marcus got to know him when they did a whitesnake/deep purple Tribute with Burn.
And through their mutual interest in sound and recording they keept in touch.
So when HEEL got to make an album Anders was a given choice to do some backing vocals

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