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News 2013 04 11

Finally we´re back updating our page!!! Lot has happened since the last time. About a year ago we had 10 demo-songs, but after some thinking we decided to only keep 5 of them. We wanted the next album to be our best and that all the lyrics and music fitted together perfectly. Now we have 7 songs and some of them are recorded for real. Me (David.H) and Marcus have had some other stuff going on, so that´s why this record is so delayed. But from now on we will produce as much as we can..... This site will be more updated soon. And:


Stay metal!!!


News 2010 09 12

Next week Me (David.H) and Marcus will start writing again.

We´ve been both busy with other stuff, but now it´s time

to start forming the sound for our third album.

Right now we have three or four half-finished demos and

lot´s of ideas...

Stay metal


News 2010 05 14

YES! Now you can enjoy both our albums on spotify!!

About a week ago, me and Marcus finished the first demo-song for our

third album. We still haven´t got a working name for the album, but

the song is called "mountains high" and is pretty fast and heavy!!



News 2010 04 12

Finally you can listen to us on spotify. Only the Evil days album at first,

but chaos and greed will also come up soon. You can also buy our

albums/songs from i-tunes.


News 2010 03 11

Hello all you mettallians out there! Soon we will begin writing new material

for real. By the way: Check out a liveclip from the releaseparty in may

of 2009 on youtube. Just write Heel droskan.


News 2009 12 06

Hi all fans of true metal! Soon we´ll have a new year, and for us i hope

it will be a year filled with gigs and ideas for new material.

Those of you who lives in the ume-region: now you can buy

both of our albums at pop-shop in umeå.

Stay metal!!!


News 2009 09 29

No! we´re not dead. But we´ve been busy during the summer. Soon it´s time

to start writing new material. We already have some great ideas. This time

we might put some demosongs on our myspace as well. We also will try to get

some gigs during the winter and hopefully some great summergigs for 2010.

Stay metal!!!



News 2009 05 20

THANKS A LOT all of you who made the releaseparty to hell of a night.

We´re really glad that so many of you came to see us. Those of you who

want to buy a t-shirt with the text: HeeL Chaos and greed, just send us

a mail and we will ship it to you.

News 2009 04 27


May the 15th we will throw a releaseparty at Droskan i Umeå (

Live on stage, besides us, will be the coverband Riffraffruff. You don´t want to

miss this!!! The music will start at 22.00. We will play at 23.00 for about half an

hour. On set we will sell the new album and T-shirts.

Droskan sells dinner untill 21.00 if you like to show up earlier.

See you there.


News 2009 03 27

The final releasedate for Chaos and greed is set. It´s May the 15th. Hopefully the

summer will provide us with some gigs, but right now we´re just curious about how

media will like the new album. Me and Marcus has recently started writing new

material. It will be in the same spirit as on the Chaos album



News 2009-01-09

No news from Japan yet, but we´re still hoping. The gig on Junkyard in Umeå has

been moved from the 20th to the 13th of February. Gather your friends and come join

us in an evening of true metal. We will play some of the new songs too and give you

a hell of a show!!!!!


News 2008-12-14

Today we´ve done the last on the new album, the Photographing. We used a really

talented young man to do it. Kristofer Wallmark. Check out his webpage: Now Marcus Sigfridsson will do the last on the booklet

and then we just have to wait and see if the Japanese wants the album.

We will announce the releasedate as soon as we know.

Until then you can hear the new songs on our myspace. We will change song

every week, so you can hear them all....


News 2008-11-25

The record is right now in Japan. We hope they like it, but nowadays it´s kind of hard

to get in on the japanese market. The release is not set yet. it all depends on the

Japandeal. BUT! We have a consert bokked in Umeå this winter. It´s in Junkyard

Umeå (Cover club) Friday the 20th february. It will be an ordinary consert instead of a

releaseparty, as i´ve told some of you earlier, because of the delay.


News 2008-11-01

The recording and mixing is finally done! So, from today, you can enjoy one of the

new songs on our myspace. It´s called gold and glory.

The upcomming album will be called: HeeL - Chaos and greed, not Taste of steel.



News 2008-10-21

After listening to the first real mix of the new album, we can establish that right now

it´s just a few miner changes that´s need to be made. As i´ve mentioned earlier

this will kick some major ass!!!!

Now you can log in to htttp:// to buy or download

Evil days.


News 2008-10-14

Thanks a lot Tommy and Ola for participating on Taste of steel! You´re both great

singers. Good luck with your projects in the future.

Now you can buy Evil Days, and sometime in feb-mar Taste of Steel, on

You can also find them on and amongs others.

Marcus, guitarist and producer of HeeL, is doing a great work mixing and mastering

the new album. I don´t think he´s had many free nights the last months.

Without him we wouldn´t exist as a band...



News 2008-10-11

Hello my friends, sitting here with a Budwiser in my hand and just relaxing. Last

Sunday, we did the last of the vocals. Exept, the two guestsingers i mentioned

earlier. We will have two great metalsingers on some backing vocals on

The album. First out is Tommy Johansson from Reinxeed and then we have the

guy who once took my place in Insania (Stockholm): Ola Halén.

Both are great singers, so you can imagine the vocalsound will be great!!!!

I´ll announce as soon as we put up some new songs on myspace.


News 2008-10-01

Now we´re almost finished with all the vocals. Just a few evenings more. The sound is

great. Marcus has done an enormous work with mixing the songs. Something he´s

constantly doing. You can check out mine and Marcus new myspaceprofiles to. Just go

to our official myspace and there you can find us among our topfriends.

I promise you all that you will not be disapointed with the new album!!!!!!



News 2008-09-03

This month it´s time to finish the new album. We got a few songs left do to the vocals

on and some guitar and keyboard is also left to do. We´re really satisfied with all

of the songs so far.

The mastering will take place in october and, hopefully, we will get a guy who has

worked with some of Swedens biggest metalacts!

The record is to be released sometime during the winter 2009.


News 2008-08-05

Back from vacation again. The recording is proceeding down in Bjurholm. Marcus is

pushing everyone as hard as he can. Now, we have only one track left to do the

drumparts on. We think we can keep the deadline, which is the 30:th of september,

this time. By the way, yesterday was Marcuses birtday, which he celebrated with his

family, friends and best friend Budweiser. Send him a birthdaywish on our mailadress!

Carry on brothers and sisters of metal!!


News 2008-07-10

Vacation is closing in. The gig in Bjurholm went off well! Even though the big crowd of

fans didn´t show up. Speaking of fans, we all would like to give a very special thanks

and a huge cheers to our friend and biggest fan. The guy who runs our myspace site:

Tomas "TAZ666" Dahl. You have really helped us spreading the word of HeeL. A true


I hope you all have a nice summer and hopefully better weather then we have right

now :( CHEERS TO YOU ALL!!!!


News 2008-07-01

Magnus managed to survive the "Heelweek" with Marcus, so now we have bass and

drums finished on 9 of the songs. The sad news is that we won´t be able to finish

all of the songs in time, so the record will be delayed. I don´t know how much, but all

of the songs (Thirteen), will be ready in September.

Sometime during the first quarter 2009 it will, hopefully, be released.

This friday it´s time to, once again, scream out our message (whatever that may be?)

to the world...(Bjurholm)

I hope to see you all there!


News 2008-06-22

Today we gathered and practised the songs from the Evil Days album. In two weeks

we´re playing in Bjurholm together with Live Elephant from Umeå. This time we will

play, at least one of the new songs. The drumparts on eight of the new tracs is ready.

The next week it´s time to start with the bass. I wish Magnus good luck during his

time with our perfectionistproducer (also guitarplayer) Marcus :)



News 2008-06-11

This week (9-13 June) we are the band of the week on our local radiostation.

You can hear us on P4 västerbotten sometime between 16.30-17.00.

If you´re living abroad or in the south of Sweden, you can listen on the web: It will be there for another 30 days.

The recording is still going on. Our first deadline is at the end of July.


News 2008-05-10

Rivel records recieved a, not yet finished, copy of the song taste of steel yesterday

and i can assure you that they really loved it.

The sad news is that the record won´t be out for sale untill the end of the year.

It has a lot to do with the market getting harder and harder with all downloading

and so on. And also that R.R want´s to do a lot of advertising.

The recording is proceeding as planned. David is doing the leadvocals in his

own little studio and Marcus is doing everything else... (Whar a guy!! /D com)

Keep checking out myspace for new songs.


News 2008-04-27

Now the bandsection is finally complete. Check out some facts about

our beerloving keyboardplayer David, also known as "Little-Dave".

The recording is proceeding. We have done the drumparts on five of the songs

so far. In the beginning of May it will start for real. Marcus has a lot of work on

his Tirecompany at the moment. Keep checking out our myspace for the song

Taste of steel. Soon it will Blow your speakers!!!


News 2008-04-15

Now you can check out all about Magnus in The band section.

This weekend we finished The bass and drums on the third track, Gold and glory,

and also started with the fourth, Light of day. Some links to check out:

An article a local newspaper wrote after the Houseofmetalgig. In Swedish only.

An amateurvideo of us from Lycksele.

News 2008-04-11

Hi all metalfans out there!

There´s quite a lot going on right now. Firtst of all we´re participating on

an album released in USA. Kill City Vol.7. We choosed the song Heel to

be part on the album among with songs from seventeen other bands

from around the world. Links to their page will come up soon.

The recording of our second album "Taste Of Steel" started a few weeks ago.

We´ve recorded three songs with bass and drums so far. Me and Marcus

finished the lead and backingvocals on the titletrack yesterday.

On this album, just like Evil Days, we will have some guestsingers on

the backingvocals. Names will be announced later on, but i can promise

that you will recognize some of them. Just as i´ve written on our myspace

this album will be heavier then the first. I promise that you will notice

our new drummer and keyboardplayer. Very taleted guys.

Also, check out our new biography. I am updating the band info as well. Now you can

read all about Alex...

More news and links to come up soon.

Keep the metalflame burning!!!



News 2008-01-21

Now we have got the timetable for House of Metal

We are playing in Studion at 00:30-01:15

Be shure to be there and bring all your friends.


New band members

Now we have have two new guys in HeeL Alex (drums) David (keyboard) and it really starts to feel like a band!

Since Richard feel that he did not have the time to play with us Live ,we decided to search for a new keyboardplayer that could be a member of our live act.

And we found a really talented guy in David , he and Alex our drummer are old friends and have played together alot.

He will also play on some tracks on the upcomming album.

Also check out a new bandpicture in photos.



News 2008-01-09

We are not dead !!!

Right now we are making the last songs for the new album

we will start recording in a couple of weeks, now we are rehearsing for

the House of metal gig, we will be playing on saturday the 16th of febuari.

Be shure to check out all pictures from our gigs here HEEL LIVE Pictures

News 2007-10-15

Great news for us and all of our fans. DON`T MISS IT!!

Right now, we´re working hard with our next album. Both Me and Marcus has lots of ideas and Richard is not any worse.
I think we have seven or eight new songs written and almost four demosongs recorded. The sound will be heavier on this one. You could say that we´ve discovered our own sound for real this time.

 The T-shirts with the missing word on the back is for sale now. In Sweden 110Skr with shipping as well. Abroad around 150skr. (16-18 Euros.)
Just send us a mail and we will send the T-shirt as soon as the money arrives.

We have two conserts planned this year. Vindeln and Dorotea.
This page will soon be fully updated with new pictures and, perhaps, some videoclips from the releaseparty as well..
Keep the metalflame burning!!



11/7 And now at last, you can order our album!
Do that from our Record company Rivel Records
or any other like CDON , Ginza , Skivhugget.
From other countries than Sweden check with Rivel.
T-shirts is on the way , drop us a mail if you want to by one.
The price will be between 120-150:- we´re not shure yet.
Our start time in Angsjön will be at 20:00 saturday 21/7


21/6 TV4 did a spot with us this week, check it out at
this link

A gig in Lycksele 17/8 is set check back for further info.

Our album will be reviewed in Sweden rock´s July number.

Finally! The releasedate is set. It will be on July the seventh. So, now the countdown begins... Cheers //HeeL

28/2 The mastering is finally done, you can now listen to samples of all songs in discography, enjoy! Now were only waiting for a releasedate in Sweden and that depends on how it works out in Japan.

10/4 Last week we had a photosession with Jonas Strandberg, in Umeå. And now the booklet for the CD is on its way.
Check out the pictures on "Photos" and also on our myspace/heelsite. On myspace you can listen to four of the awesome songs from the album in full length. Enjoy. //HeeL

  Check out
HEEL myspace here


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Right now we´re writing and recording our third album: Never Surrender.